Audia Flight FL phono vs Avid Pulsare

Looking for suggestion between these 2 solid state phono stages. My system is an all-tube Audio Note Pre-power so I am looking for a SS phono. Purity of tone and accurate transient response is what I am looking for in general. Which of these would fit the bill better ?
I have not heard the Avid preamp so I can’t comment on it. I do have a McIntosh C1100 tube preamp and an Audia Flight phono preamp. My C1100 replaced my C2300 tube preamp. Before I purchased the C1100 I thought I would be able to replace the Audia Flight but as soon as I played the first record I realized the Audia Flight had to stay. I still love the C1100 with the SS Audia Flight feeding it and would recommend that combination to anyone.
@lewm I have already heard the Atma mp1. It was incisive but the balance of frequency was too bright for my taste. The background was also not very black. 

@mcgal could you please describe the Sonics of Audia Flight compared to other phonostages you heard ?
pani, I am not the best at describing in words what I hear. I just know what my preferences are. I didn't want to keep the Audia Flight. When I purchased the C1100 I thought I could free up space in my rack. This was not the case as the Audia Flight will be staying with the C1100 as a preamp. The Audia Flight just sounds more musical and detailed to me. For me it wasn't even close. I did try the MC phono stage on the C1100 after I had about 300 hours on it and still preferred the Audia Flight. I didn't try any other phono preamps. I am happy now and not looking to make any other changes.
Accuphase C-27 has purity of tone and excellent dynamics. quiet as a tomb and each input saves the gain/loading etc.