Audible Illusions Modulus 3A an upgrade?

I'm using a Tube Audio Design TAD-150 signature series preamp with a Rogue Audio 90 power amp feeding a vintage pair of JBL 4311 speakers. I listen to mostly "classic rock" and blues.

I've been reading about how nice the AI Modulus 3A preamp is. Would it be considered an upgrade over my TAD-150?

Please forgive what might be an "ignorant" question from, but I am pretty much a "newbie" to high end audio.
thank you so much for your ideas.
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I'd suggest a used VTL Ultimate which is a better preamp than the Audible Illusions. The VTL can be fitted with an excellent tubed phono stage for not a of money if you find a used linestage.

Tube upgrading in the VTL is easy unlike the Audible Ill as the AI runs its tubes "hot" and can be difficult to upgrade to NOS tubes in. In fact, you should only use tubes supplied by a professional that knows they are going in the AI.

The AI also has an independent power supply. It is attached to the preamp with a non detachable cable and this cable is not that long.

A used Airtight ATC1 is an excellent choice, too, and has an excellent phono stage (for high output cartridges, low output require stepup).

Beware of used Convergent Audio Technology preamps. The manufacturer, Ken Stevens, does NOT want owners doing independent service/upgrades. All the caps are affixed to the PC board very, very well. Ken was not interested at all in telling us how to remove them. He was happy for us to send it back so he can service it. I sold the thing immediately.
Ive owned serveral Audible illusions preamps all the way to the latest m3a. I was a jbl nut also. Spend your money else ware. The stepped attens on those are a joke, the sound is great, You know a great speaker is the L150 my son. That will be a big diffrence. Keep your preamp. Use the money elseware. L150's. Its too easy to upgrade electronics people should do more speakers.
Thanks for the great ideas. I'm thinking I'd best stand pat for now and just relax and enjoy the tunes!
you have a great system. those jbl's are better suited for classic rock than pretty much anything out there. they(along with their sibling the 4312)are still considered classics. they were used to master more music during the our lifetime then all other monitors combined. the 4312 is still sold in japan and retails for nearly 2000 u.s. dollars. even at that price its a bargain.
Wow, I couldn't disagree more. No imaging, shrieking highs, colored mids and sloppy bass. They do thump and play loud which made them a popular rock speaker. Whatever floats your boat.