Audible Illusions Modulus 3A an upgrade?

I'm using a Tube Audio Design TAD-150 signature series preamp with a Rogue Audio 90 power amp feeding a vintage pair of JBL 4311 speakers. I listen to mostly "classic rock" and blues.

I've been reading about how nice the AI Modulus 3A preamp is. Would it be considered an upgrade over my TAD-150?

Please forgive what might be an "ignorant" question from, but I am pretty much a "newbie" to high end audio.
thank you so much for your ideas.
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Thanks Jay! The I love my 4311's and would be hard pressed to part with them. The may not be "high end," but, as you mention, for what I listen to, they're best for me.

I met Richard Vandersteen (of Vandersteen speaker fame) at an audio store where he was demonstrating his newest line, and got to talking with him about my favorite albums and artists. It was he who suggested the 4311's to me in the first place because of their use in mastering all those great classic rock recordings.
I have a TAD-150 playing through a McCormack DNA-1 into Vandersteen 2CE sigs. I have never heard the JBL's but, if you really want to see what the TAD-150 can do get yourself speakers that image real well like the Vandys. I listen to classic rock also and the Vandys, McCormack, TAD combo really space the music out. Also, read the reviews on both the TAD-150 and the signature.

You make a valid point Eagleman. I've never tried anything but the JBL's in my system. I've made arrangements to try a pair of Reimer Mccullough GS monitors this weekend. I'm eager to hear the differences.