Audible illusions to solid state pre

Got deal on some krell mono blocks

Currently running audible illusions l3

What solid state unit be on the same Somewhat level in the Reasonable catagory


If these are the new KRELL Duo XD amps, then I can easily recommend the Benchmark LA4. I loved this pairing with the Duo 175XD. If these are the older KRELL amps then it may lack the warmth that some people like.

I may sell my LA4 to buy the Benchmark HPA4. It is identical to the LA4 but also with a good headphone amp. I have a great headphone in my future.

I never heard the Holo Serene preamp with the new XD amps, but I own both the LA4 and the Serene preamps and I know the Serene would also work nicely with the Duo XD line.

You can use the audibile the krell with tubes is  myth we sold krell with tube preamps at the largest krell deleer in the world