Audience 2V+

Who has heard or owns this speaker.  There are some nice reviews but who actually owns and has lived with this speaker.
I bought a pair of these speakers for my recording studio.
Because of the padding behind my speakers it was the wrong decision and I ended up going with powered speakers. Mine are for sale in perfect shape packed in the shipping carton box ready for shipping.
These are very special.Superb fit and finish if you appreciate a high gloss look.Paired with a Dynamo 34SE MKII / APL DSD DAC / CEC Transport.At 8 wpc the Dynamo matched nicely and provided the necessary grunt on difficult musical passages.Female jazz recordings are exceptional.Focus and imaging above average,micro and macro dynamics are detailed and dramatic.They bring an utter sense of poise to the music,a layer of timing and texture of presence and aliveness that is seductive.That said,laws of physics do apply,these are very small speakers,and the additional of a high quality sub will enhance the enjoyment even more.Highly recommended.