Audience SX2/Front Row Cables...has anyone tried or heard much of this new reference line?

I have been extremely satisfied with Audience Interconnect and Speaker cable for some time, natural/organic/neutral presentation that works with every component I’ve used, solid state or tube. I own Au24 SX XLR Interconnects and Speaker cables. I have also been impressed with Audience cables price to performance ratio. I just received an email of another breakthrough reference line, the Au24 SX2, which will actually be called the Front Row line.  Alas, pricing at $5100 per 2 meter Speaker cable is no longer readily affordable. I guess Audience is rapidly catching up in price to its competitors, now that they also enjoy name recognition and stellar reviews. However, they are wonderful cables!  Has anyone heard these cables or know much about them relative to SX line? If they’re as much a revelation over the SX as the email from Audience claims, I might have to start saving. I’ll wait for the reviews I guess.  Thank you to all!

FrontRow is too warm.  Wywire Platinum is long gone.  Now using JPS Aluminata.  Much better than both in my system.  

I have tried Audience AU24SX power cable (high current to power power conditioner) and they were so good, I upgraded to front row power cable and I am keeping them. Will not change. 

Then I tried audience front row XLR (b/w pre-amp and amp), it was good, but was little forward for my taste. I went to Stage III typhon XLR and love Stage III concept XLRs. 

I tried frontRow digital RCA cable from Aurender N20 to esoteric K-01XD and like it. I have kept it for now. I will be checking on Ansuz C2 digital at some time and will see if frontRow can keep up with it. 

All in all, frontRow cables are neutral and bring the entire spectrum of sound in front. It does make you feel like you are in front row. SX is also good (actually very good) for the price. 



I am looking forward in reading more about Audience/Ansuz/Stage III Concepts comparison. No doubt, that these are (3) Top tier cables.


Happy Listening!

I'm looking to try/buy an Audience AU24SX AES/EBU. 

Think I'll prefer this over the Front Row.

Another option is either Atlas Mavros or Triode Wire Labs Spirit 110. Has anyone tried these?