Audio Aero Capitole 192 MK II se upgrade

Good morning all,

I would like to know if anyone of you knows exactly what kind of capacitors and tubes you need to buy to upgrade the Capitle. Thanks
Audiofankj ....... Maybe it is odd! I'm just repeating what I was told. I found it to be some what strange. Maybe it was just a sales ploy to generate yet another modification.
The cryogenic treatment is it a life time process? I have heard of people doing this process to CD'S and the benefit only lasts so long. Having owned a few Tice power clocks you have to send them back every once in a while for this process. I have heard that cryogenic's is involved when recharging the clock among other things.

Whoever told you that was wrong. I called the distributor to ask them (which seems the logical thing to do to get accurate information)

The SE upgrade is $700.00

The upgrade that costs $2,000.00 is the AI upgrade to older model Capitoles, which involves adding three pairs of analog inputs (2 SE, 2 balanced), a new D/A output board with the inputs board attached, a modifiction to the power supply and a whole new back plate to allow for the new input jacks.

Big difference.

With all that you have stated I agree......someone was wrong. Then again I may have misunderstood what I was told. Have you gotten the SE upgrade?
The better upgrade allows you to bypass the pre unless you are still into vinyl. The analog inputs allow you to run your tuner through the Capitole. I am currently running my Satellite through the toslink and my DVD through the coax. Also, using the balanced and unbalanced outputs I am running the feed to two rooms in my house, by bi-amping.