Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 vs the MKII version cdp

Anyone know the difference between the original Capitole and the more recent MKII version?Considering an upgrade via the used marketplace and can not find any specifics as to the difference on thier web site and also havn't seen any comments as to how differently the 2 sound.
Understand that there is also a MKIII version now. Thanks in advance!Ted
As I have been told the Mk II improves greatly in the bass region and increased resolution across the board.

I am not sure there is a Mk III version coming out, perhaps it is the Mk II SE (special edition that the North American importer is offereing) which changes some caps out as well as replaces the tubes with NOS cryo'd tubes. I do think they told me they sent one of their units to AA for them to review... perhaps that will be the Mk III...

I would give Globe Audio a call (the North American Distributor) and ask them, they were very helpful and insightful as to thte differences between the models.
Thanks for responding.As with many,$ is a limitation,and I almost purchased the Prima,But decided to hold off on the cdp for now. When the time is right though,I'll probably go w/the MkII.
I have had it for a few years. The latest version has an analog passthru which is really good. In addition to using it as a Cd player, I run my satellite feed with toslink and I run my DVD player through coax. Being able to run my tuner through the passthru would be great and it would save me a swithcbox or a pre.

The Mark II certainly does not need a pre as it is very true to the original intent of the producer/mixer of the CD. When you get a really poorly done CD the Mark II will show it so much that some of my CDs are now relegated to my car. There are multiple versions or the Mark II which can be itentified by the serial number. The very first Mark II players had a defective chip and these can be itentified by chips version p4 or earlier. Mine was upgraded to a p6.5chip with a new circuit board and it runs really well.

One of the best things about the Mark II is that it is somewhat futureproof as even an older unit can be upgraded to even include the analog passthru with a new circuit board.

It is worth the wait. This would be the very last component in my system that I could part with.
mine worked perfect with a p4 chip anything previous to the p4 did have problems definitely