Audio Aero Capitole - 6021W subminiature tube ??

I would appreciate hearing from someone who can explain the performance of these tubes in the Capitole, including the typical life of the tubes, whether they are susceptible to becomming microphonic or noisy, and how to purchase or change them if necessary. I believe I read these are really small (like the diameter of a pencil) and that they are soldered onto the board. If that is true, is it then necessary to send the player back to the distributor or manufacturer if they need replaced, or are these readily available and set up for user installation? How many years is typical for the tubes to perform in the Capitole before replacement is necessary? Thanks.
You said in a previous post your AA Cap had died, what was wrong with it? Congratulations on the upgraded caps, where did you have the work done? Where did you get the cryo Sylvanias? I found several Sylvanias and I was going to get them cryod but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. I think it was more of a way to sell an upgrade to reference.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give,
What was wrong, good question... nobody knows.
After months of fruitless repairs, appeared that he did not like my Legrand Power Strip to which my Audio Magic Eclipse was connected, AA was connected to Eclipse. I had to connect Eclipse to power strip which do not have any reactive elements, just the cheapest, simplest one I could buy. My AA is very finicky when it comes to power supply. It works from one socket at home and do not from another. I know it sounds crazy. I have asked electronics engineer about that, he was flabbergasted and could not explain it seeing it by himself.
Important now it works.

I get Sylvania's in Finland: Have sent them for cryo treatment to: (really cheap).

Do you know if in SE upgrade Philips or Sylvania 6021 W are used ?
I have the AA Cap Reference SE and my tubes are Philips, this does not mean the Philips sound better than the Sylvania, I think the Sylvania are just in short supply. I got some Sylvanias from Vacuum-Shop and another source from that part of the world. I contacted Tube World about getting mine Cryo treated but I'm just not sure it's worth it, Like I said, I think the Cryo might have been part of the selling point of the SE upgrade.
Soldering 6021wa tubes into the circuit.
Audio aero tubes are soldered in with short leads and
the tubes in vertical position.
this may lead to some microphonics problems.
personally i keep the leeds lonng and bent the wires so the tube are iin an horizontal position more or less floating position.
I can give you some tubes for trial.
good luck
AJ van Doorn

i created the "SE"upgrade for initially the North American distributor: Globe Audio Distributors, then it was installed at the factory after most existing pre "SE" capitole, prestige and prima dac were upgraded in the field ,most in Canada at Globe and also at the tech in Arizona. The caps in the kit were Sonicap platinums, a silver composite/teflon film and foil cap. Careful listening experiments revealed unanimous overall improvement over the rel cap tft. Lesson # 1, all caps that are film and foil teflon do not sound the same. V caps performance according to 1 high profile boutique tube manufacturer were similar quality improvement over hovland musicap but different than the sonicap platinums. Sonicraft does not have any more of this value of cap. I have a dozen pair or so in storage,as well as the damping/mounting pads. We tried many nos 6021w but went back to the phillips jan and cryoed them,most upgraded and earl factory "se"will have these tubes except some of the early units that were upgraded in the field. Never did as careful, controlled listening tests on different tubes, consistency and supply being in favor of the jan philipps . Cryo tubesĀ  make a difference if you have a well sorted system with excellent cables(and yes good cryoed cables allow you to hear the difference more easily cryoed tubes make). It does the same thing ;sounds more resolved and refined, quieter, more relaxed,more involving 3d halograph sound. Cryoing tubes is not cheap so if was not worth the expenditure, we would not have done it. Everything in that "se"upgrade kit, made a difference. Also all caps were matched as well as tubes were tested/matched after cryo for symmetrical gain/noise /microphony. I produced the kits along with a well known high end audio tech/designer. Globe Audio distributed to their dealers and the initial factory production of "se". Did have some good results ourselves with sylvania gold 6021w and the few close friends with them. I think a Mark 1 Capitole has the same sylvania golds 15 years now, i'll check on that next time in Canada.