Audio Aero Capitole II with no serial numbers?

I"m kinda' concerned about something going on here, and I think people should be aware of possible illegal goings-on. There are people selling Audio Aero Capitole MkII CD players at big discounts, with lame reasons for why they are getting rid of them so fast. It seems obvious that they got hold of them through irregular channels and are flipping them immediately for a profit, by-passing the dealers, etc.
One guy says that the players are from Europe, with no serial numbers (?!?!?!?!?)and therefore no Warranty.
Like, I want to buy a player like that with no Warranty and probably no good will from the distributor or dealers here to help me out?!? How do I know that the player isn't stolen, and will be confiscated if I do take it to a place that knows how to fix it that has connections to Audio Aero?
BUYER BEWARE people!!!!
I've got to agree with BWhite. I haven't been into "high end" audio for long, and I'm honestly shocked at how some manufacturers treat customers that spend THOUSANDS on audio equipment. We're talking money that could be used as downpayments on REAL ESTATE, CARS, and MAJOR life purchases. All that money for CD players and Amps, etc, from companies that supply mediocre or poor customer service??

And this makes me all the more appreciative of companies like BWhite mentioned, Krell as an example, or BAT, or VAC.

I've been dealing with Kevin Hayes, the owner of VAC, calling several times over the past couple of weeks to talk about the VAC 70/70 Renaissance amp. I told him flat out that I'll be buying it used, and he has still taken a lot of time to talk about the amp, the tubes, matching a preamp, and any other thing I felt like I needed to talk about. He always ends the call telling me to please call back if I should need anything else or have any other questions. THIS is the kind of company that I am going to support, and yes, probably buy something new from him one day, whether it be my tubes, or a new preamp, or whatever. It makes a all the difference in the world.
Bwhite.It has nothing to do with being an AA dealer.All I am saying is,I would not even consider buying a piece that expensive without some sort of protection,ie a warrantee.VAC,Krell,are very good examples of customer service.Each company has a policy,and Globe Audio has suberb custoomer service for those who have purchased from their dealer network.Many companies do not pass on the warrantee on past the original owner and have superb customer service.
To bwhite and Dennis the menace:
Hi guys. I think you're missing the point here. NOBODY said that Audio Aero won't look after people who buy used players. There's a difference between buying USED and buying NEW players through the GRAY MARKET!!!
I have talked to people who bought a used Capitole MK.I or II from a legitimate source, and Globe Audio Marketing in Canada/USA honoured any remaining warranty. So, of course Audio Aero cares about people who bought their products, new or used, in an honourable way.
Why would they care about you if you did an end-run around the retailer/distributor network to buy from some jerk who imported them from another jerk in Europe who is disobeying the dealer network policy?!?
I agree with satothestars and bwhite. Customers should be treated well. Likewise customers must show some intelligence. It's just like cars ... I can buy certified pre-owned, pay a bit over the odds, and sleep easy at night, or I can take a risk and maybe save some money, buying from "joe's cars". You pay your money and take your choice, but you can't have it all ways.
Heya Folks,

My theory is that a manufacturer should take care of ALL it's products it produces. It should not neglect ANY of it's products whether bought on the NEW, GREY, or USED market.

This support helps EVERYONE.
1-It helps the consumer of all products that are bought.
2-It helps the dealers because it keeps the resale of products HIGH. Contrary to popular belief, dealers do make money off of selling used and demo equipment. Look at Jeff's Sound Values.
3-It helps keep their product value high on the used market which causes many people to THINK a minute before buying the product used. If the difference between buying a new or used product is not a whole lot, many people will buy it NEW.
4-It helps the Manufacturer because people want to buy your products.

The big thing manufacturers can do is to make the BEST possible product they can for the money, and control their distribution as well as they can. PS Audio does a very good job of this. They make a great product, and PS Audio gear retains a lot of value on the used market. They also support their products. I find that it seems too many manufacturers mark their products up way too much at the retail level. I know 2 channel may be in decline, but HT is not. There is still money to be made for the company that prices their products agressively (with the best band for the buck).

There are certain products one just does not find used much. These tend to be the serious quality products that people just do not sell once they have them in their system (see LAMM amps)... However, you then get people that go through components like water... heh heh heh.

My 2 cents.