Audio Aero Capitole II with no serial numbers?

I"m kinda' concerned about something going on here, and I think people should be aware of possible illegal goings-on. There are people selling Audio Aero Capitole MkII CD players at big discounts, with lame reasons for why they are getting rid of them so fast. It seems obvious that they got hold of them through irregular channels and are flipping them immediately for a profit, by-passing the dealers, etc.
One guy says that the players are from Europe, with no serial numbers (?!?!?!?!?)and therefore no Warranty.
Like, I want to buy a player like that with no Warranty and probably no good will from the distributor or dealers here to help me out?!? How do I know that the player isn't stolen, and will be confiscated if I do take it to a place that knows how to fix it that has connections to Audio Aero?
BUYER BEWARE people!!!!
golden_Ears .... I am similarly amazed that more people haven't made the connection between going to walmart to buy cheap crap and the fact that almost the only jobs left in the US now are flipping burgers and selling starbucks. I am a UK citizen, and I used to try to buy "made in UK". Now I'm living in the US I try to buy "made in USA", but, like the UK, it's getting harder and harder to do.
People can whine about the government, about the WTO, about multinationals, but in the modern world your usage of your credit card is more important than getting out on voting day.
Ah, I feel better for that. Thanks all for allowing my little rant against the state of the world.
Golden Ears does everyone in this hobby a disservice by lumping everyone who just might have his or her own personal reasons to sell this excellent player on the used market. There are those who do have American warranties and serial numbers but for some reason you have a problem with those also. It has been my experience that most companies with good consumer reputations such as AA will honor the warranty if it came from a legitimate dealer initially.
Mr. Rouse,
Your assertions are false sir.
I know it can a long slog reading all of the postings in a thread, but if you are going to offer an opinion, especially about what somebody has said, you had beter do it.
Please read all of the posts carefully, and you will see that I specifically stated that used components from legitimate sources are fine, and that I knew people that had purchased used Capitoles and had no problems gettting warranty work done.

Mr. white: peace, brother
Mr. Taylor: I'm glad you're feeling better. Keep reading thiose labels!!
How can anyone question the (il)legitimacy of a piece of high end goods with no s/n. Would you knowingly buy a car with no VIN. There is no question that these are not available legitimately and if any dealer, distributor, or manufacturer would provide any support than kudos to them, but they are clearly under no obligation to do so, and could very well try reclaim such goods as assummed to be stolen. I'm not in the high end (or any manufacturing) business, but I am self-employed. I would guess that those of you who think that they should be anywhere but "on their own" with such a unit have never been a business owner. And BTW, I think that Seantaylor is on mark regarding the state of US manufacturing and retailing. buying used is fine, but don't expect to be treated as a retail customer and don't exploit the value added provided by the retailers. Now as to mark up on cables and such, that's another matter. I buy used and on the web and never expect to get retail service. Now if you buy retail and don't get the value-added service, its time to take your $ elsewhere.
Swampwalker I do not think it could have been said any better then you just did!