Audio Aero Capitole MKII SE: how to turn off display?

I recently acquired an Audio Aero Capitole MKII SE.

So far, no performance issues and, other than a slightly soft bass, one of the more impressive digital front ends I've auditioned (my comparisons being the Esoteric P-03/D-03, the Teac P-70 with Universal Audio 2192 DAC, and the PS Audio PWT with MyTek Digital Brooklyn DAC).

I can see, though, that the display is fading, and since I mostly play all discs from beginning to end, would like to know how to turn the display on and off. My particular unit came with a Sun Wave touch screen remote control into which only the most basic functions have been programmed.

A trivial question, I grant, compared to many others, but any tips much appreciated!

Thanks, Joel.
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Happy Listening!