Audio Aero Capitole Reference Power Cord Help.

I'm not big on power cords or power conditioners, I do have dedicated 20 amp lines for my gear but have not spent a lot for power cords. I have Oyaide Tsunami cords on my preamp and phono preamp, some nice DIY cords on my subs, a Pangea on my TT motor and a Shunyata Venom 3 on my power amp. It's time to upgrade the power cord on my CD player from the stock cord. I would like something light and flexable because the player is light or I'd have to support the cord somehow. Something like a Nordost Vishnu would work. I'd like to keep the price less than $500 unless there is a must have at a higher price. I don't ask for help often buy I did a search and can't find much about a power cord for the AA Cap.

I know the former North American distributor, and he always used and recommended Nirvana cables for Audio Aero equipment. I'm not sure if Nirvana even makes a power cord, and if they do what the retail is on it.
I have a Prestige player and switched the original PC for a Lessloss and both my wife and I noticed a big improvement.
I have the AA Capitole Classic Signature with the ESP Essential Reference. It´s an excelent power cord for all components. Please read the Soundstage review:

God luck