Audio Aero Dealer Advertising?

I was looking at the Audiomeca and Audio Aero ads and I noticed that there are no dealers advertising the Audio Aero. I am wondering why? A local dealer that I know told me a while back that he just could not get any product so he stopped advertising.

Your comments? Has anyone had any problems getting their Audio Aero CDP repaired in a timely fashion?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I just got my Audio Aero repaired by Digital Systems which is their authorized repair shop in austin Texas. I got it to them on a Monday and, after some extensive repairs, it was on it's way back to me by Wednesday evening. It was in the shop only two days.

Also, the labor charges were very honest and not at all like it chould have been considering the highly specialized service.

I was talking to my local dealer a while back and there were periods when there were delays getting the product but this seems to not be so much the case anymore.

At any rate, I couldn't more highly recommend Audio Aero's service on repairs. Being a very high-end product I do strongly suggest you double-box it with extra spacing as it really does not like to get bumped around more than it has to. I used 2-day Fedex, insured and with 'Fragile' tags all over the box.
I also had my Capitole 2 in to Digital Systems and it was really quick and professional. Many of the original run of Capitole 2s had major problems and needed the entire circuit board replaced.
It seems that Audio Aero's popularity and reputation have been spread mostly by word-of-mouth. Dealers seem to have found them at the shows like the CES and Stereophile HE Show etc. Even other really prestigious companies that don't make CD players themselves use the Audio Aero Capitole as their reference player at the shows. (They must have heard something they liked) I was at a show once, and I saw the Capitole in at least four rooms other than Audio Aero's own rooms.
I've seen their ads at Soundstage, and I saw a Canadian magazine at Barnes & Noble one day that they advertise in. You can't read a CES show report at Soundstage, Enjoy the or Stereo Times without reading about Audio Aero.

I've heard also that they're slow in getting product out, but they are a lot smaller than Sony!!! My buddy had to wait a long time for his, but he said that it was definitely worth the wait. (and it works perfectly)
Good Lord, these Audio Aero threads are beginning to sound as good as the McIntosh threads!

......[I own both and would not part with either!]......