Audio Aero Prestige SE....

I'm wondering if any one is having the same problem I have. When I reststart the machine the drawer does not open. The past few times if I'd wait 15 minutes or so it would operate properly...well it's two hours and counting this time...any ideas?... besides contacting the company which I guess will be the next step...Thanks
You may have inadvertently pressed the Pre button on the remote, this button disables all transport functions and you are left basically with DAC and preamp functions only.

Press the CD/Pre button on the remote, this will enable all remote control functions and the player will operate properly as a player + preamp.
Then press Standby, wait ten seconds and power up the player. The player now has memorized the new setting and will power up as a full function player.
I hope this helps
Thanks very much... once again a few hours later it started to operate but I'll take the steps you recommend
Hi Casouza
I just bought a used Prestige and I am having the same problem. The player is not recognizing the transport (the sreen blackens when this source is selected) and I am not able to even turn the unit on with the remote, although I can turn it off (???). The difference is that my remote is the one with the LCD screen, so I do not know where is the CD/Pre button. Do you know how can I find it and/or how can I solve the problem before start trying to return it?
Sorry for the late answer.
You need the original Audio Aero remote to activate the CD/PRE function, not the optional universal remote with LCD screen, it has only basic functions stored in memory.
I suggest that you call the seller, a dealer or Audio Aero and get an original remote.