Audio Aero Prima 24/192 Mk II cd player......

I would like to have some opinions on this cd player .....

Your comments are appreciated.

Yes indeed the Prima I had was definitely the older model. I do have to disagree me and my pal Trelja both own Granites. I bought mine after hearing his for a long time. We also did an A/B with an Electrocompianet EMC 1 up, which I had loved from multiple auditions. The granite was actually more extended and had more weight. The sound staging isn't the worlds best but its true its timing = PRAT is superb. It was the winner, much to my surprise.
Now thanks alot everyone. I was trying to find out some solid info on the AA Prima MK ii player. Does it sound smooth? Does it deliver bass weight and impact? Is it foward or laid back sounding? Is it bright or tilted towards high freq.?
These are all questions I have.
Looking for a good anwser in this thread is like listening to a Monty Python comedy skit. " Yes it is" " No it's not"
" Is too" " Is not". Remember the dead parrot routine?