Audio Aero Prima Dac

Can anyone comment on the performance of this Dac and, if it will provide most of the benefits of the Capitol player?\
Is it really special??
Yes, it is. Try doing a search is discussion forums on Audio Aero. Decide for yourself.
FWIW, I just heard a modded Benchmark DAC1 in A/B comparison with a $22K Goldmund CD player in the Talon Demo at T.H.E. Show Conference Room 3 and was quite impressed. To my ears, it provided a more balanced and musical sound than the Goldmund player with its built-in DAC.
Goldmund does not make a 22k cd player(only transports which is 16k and 25k respectively),so what ever you heard from Goldmund was either the Eidos 18 universal player,,or more likely the entry level SRDVD universal player.
Nealhood, I posted a question on this dac a few weeks back and never got a response. I am still waiting for my "lost" ? literature to arrive in the mail. I wish an owner or two would come forth with any or as much imfo as possible to settle my curiosity. I wish to try it with my CEC transport and compare its sound with a couple other tube dacs. I've been told they're on back order ? How long, in this millenium ?
Lost in the dark here...................

The benchmark DAC was highly modded ($2K) to get it to beat the Goldmun, by Refelction Audio so you were not hearing a stock unit.

Happy Listening.