Audio Aero Prima DAC


Did anyone already heard this AA Prima DAC MKII ? I want to combine with Metronome T20 drive, B&W 805 Signature and Classic amps.


I know it sounds unbelievable, but before I had the Prima, I used a Musical Fidelity Tubalog combined with the T20 and there was no 'pain'. It's difficult to explain in English but there is a kind of pressure on my ears which comes very quickly. Besides, I'm not the only one experiencing this 'thing'. I hope things will get better when burning in has completed...

This is more to your question on pain. I too recently started to experience pain or pressure in the ear when listening to movies/music. I figured it out to be misalinged/miscalibrated speakers and sub. By proper calibrating my speakers and changing the crossover freq for my sub all is well.

Good luck

In the interests of helping you with your headache....

1) Are you using the DAC as your preamp, or are you running it through another preamp?

2)Are you using filtered power or is it just plugged into the wall?

3)Also, how many hours were on the DAC before you started having the hearing problem? (Is the DAC broken-in?)
Hi Golden Ears,

1. DAC is connected directly in to the power amp;
2. No power filtering is used (yet), I use Siltech's Octopus;
3. DAC is now playing about one month continiously.

Renaat (is my prename, Mattheus my name BTW) :)
I had an interesting sensation in my ears/head whenever I first got my Audiomeca Enkianthus XD dac (uses the same chipset as the AA Prima Dac) especially whenever I had it out of phase. The sensation only occurred at the start of a listening session and quit after a couple of days to a week. I am almost certain the sensation came from my ears "getting used to" the MASSIVE soundstage that the Audiomeca throws.

Think of watching a TV show in 3D. At first, you may be slightly disorriented by adjusting to the 3d, just as a few people may have a similar sensation when getting a new, very high performance piece of audio equipment.

I don't know if this is what you have experienced, but I know the sensation went away after a couple of days. My audiomeca Enkianthus X Dac was the second best audio purchase I have EVER made.