Audio Aero Prima DAC


Did anyone already heard this AA Prima DAC MKII ? I want to combine with Metronome T20 drive, B&W 805 Signature and Classic amps.


Hi Golden Ears,

1. DAC is connected directly in to the power amp;
2. No power filtering is used (yet), I use Siltech's Octopus;
3. DAC is now playing about one month continiously.

Renaat (is my prename, Mattheus my name BTW) :)
I had an interesting sensation in my ears/head whenever I first got my Audiomeca Enkianthus XD dac (uses the same chipset as the AA Prima Dac) especially whenever I had it out of phase. The sensation only occurred at the start of a listening session and quit after a couple of days to a week. I am almost certain the sensation came from my ears "getting used to" the MASSIVE soundstage that the Audiomeca throws.

Think of watching a TV show in 3D. At first, you may be slightly disorriented by adjusting to the 3d, just as a few people may have a similar sensation when getting a new, very high performance piece of audio equipment.

I don't know if this is what you have experienced, but I know the sensation went away after a couple of days. My audiomeca Enkianthus X Dac was the second best audio purchase I have EVER made.


Okay, it sounds like your unit should be finished breaking-in, and since you're not running through a preamp, there's no mis-match or overload going on.

Power filtering is always a good idea. There is a lot of radio frequency interference and noise on your power lines, and its being injected into your system. That can cause a headache. Some equipment is more susceptible to it or more revealing of it, or both. When you try a filter that hissing HF noise will be gone, and you'll wonder why you ever listened witout filtering!
Having said all that, (and contrary to what you said in your last post) the Siltech website says that the Octopus 8-Way Mains Distributor does have filtering capabilities.

However, that doesn't stop RF from getting into your system through poorly shielded interconnect cables and speaker cables, which usually aren't shielded very well or at all. The longer your speaker cables are, the worse it can be. Make sure power cords aren't running next to your speaker cables.
Many silver cables are just plain harsh-sounding, lots of detail, but awful high frequency ringing, sort-of like metal tweeters. (You don't happen to have anything like those do you....? :-) Your new DAC may be more revealing of inadequacies downstream.

Jason made a good point - make sure you're speakers are hooked-up in phase. It may sound silly and very obvious, but I've walked in to many stores and CES exhibit rooms and found "professionals" with systems hooked-up out of phase! Dead giveaway: no centre image, particularly noticeable with a single vocalist at centre stage.

It's hard to diagnose over the Internet, but those are afew things to consider.
Hi Guys,

You know what? I think I don't sleep enough and my ears are suffering from fatigue... I get +/- the same 'pain' when I listen to other equipment at friends.

I'm looking now for another power amp. I'll get the Plinius 8200P on a trial basis, if this amp will please me I'll buy the new Plinius P8. I'll also taste the Perreaux E160.

What do you think of these amps, in combi with the AA Prima? BTW I use B&W 805 signature.

get your tympanics in order before you do jack shit. Also, your Prima is without a doubt the best thing in your system. That is one killer source you have there. I'd go with a matching transport and take it from there. Your Prima derserves better than Perreaux and Plinus. seek and thee shall hear...peace, warren