Audio Aero Prima - not responding

My audio aero prima is not responding to discs
just 4 dashed lines in the display
sounds like maybe the laser gave up the ghost

audio aero doesn't seem to answer emails
is there a reputable US repair shop I can contact

Correction, actually no display at all and no response to front panel or remote, although the mini tubes inside do light up.
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Just remeber that many companies were off to the CES in Vegas as early as Tuesday of last week. Many are just getting home now. That could account for the lack of replies to email and phone calls.
Jody @ Globe Audio has always been very helpful and responsive for me. I agree with Golden ears that he may be out of the office returning from a show, etcetera....
spoke with Greg today (thursday)
ship to him - if the transport/laser is bad could be $800 ouch