Audio Aero Prima

I was looking on AA website and I noticed that the prima is different looing than all the ones I have seen in reviews (much nicer IMO). Is the player still the same in every other aspect? Does it still have a digital volume control and Balanced XLR? Thanks!
AA just gave it a new face plate. Everything else is the same as the MKII. I agree that it does look better than the older version. I beleive the remote has been changed too......
Zenieth is incorrect (or at least he was given incorrect information :-)

A friend of mine who is buying a new Prima called the distributor in Canada to ask about it. He was told it has, among other things, a completely different transport (Sony instead of Philips), a new, better power supply, Black Diamond Racing cone feet (which they didn't have before), and, yes, new looks with sculpted face plate.
It's supposed to sound noticeably better than the previous Prima model.
I have spent some quality time with the Prima MK II SE DAC, which is more like the D/A section of Capitole II than the Prima CD player. It is one of the better DAC's out there.

Thanks for the clarification. I was repeating what I heard. It's obvious since the proof is in what the distributor said. With all of those cahnges I've got to hear one myself.