Audio Aero Prima

I was looking on AA website and I noticed that the prima is different looing than all the ones I have seen in reviews (much nicer IMO). Is the player still the same in every other aspect? Does it still have a digital volume control and Balanced XLR? Thanks!

Globe Audio Marketing in Canada is the distributor for both Canada and the USA
They have a Representative in the USA. All of the info can be found on their website.

Yes that was the one that I was lucky enough to get. I previously owned a MKII Prima. I thought it had very good sound too. We'll see what the new changes bring to the ear. I still say that this is the one to beat! I will not disclose the purchase price on this thread. But if you email me off the board I'd be glad to share the information.
I owned a Prima for about a year. Although it's a good and competent player, it is not a great one. The transport unquestionably leaves a lot to be desired and it is not a particularly well built machine. Perhaps the new transport will change that. At the time it was a great bargain vis a vis the competiton. However, in the last couple years other players have surpassed it in both sonics and build quality.