Audio Alchemy DDS I - any information out there?

As a newbie to these posts, I hope this question hasn't been worn out by now. My project is the 2-piece Audio Alchemy DDS I that I would like to get in working condition. Since technical info seems all but impossible to find, I thought there might be some individuals on this site that might know the answer I'm looking for or how to get it. What consumer CD player did AA use for the control board which was subsequently modified for use as the DDS I controller? There is the number HCD-570 on the board, which seems to hint of Sony nomenclature, but there isn't a single Sony chip to be found anywhere and almost every major chip on the board is from Yamaha. That seems unusual if it was truly a Sony product. Looking on the Web hasn't been any help to try and reference the number to a particular manufacturer. Maybe this venue will prove successful. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
I owned one of these when they were current. Very unreliable then. After all these years I can't imagine it's worth the time and expense to revive.

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Yes, I know that reliability was a problem for these transports. I certainly will not dump a great deal of money into any repair attempt because my goal is not to achieve some audio miracle. However, I will spend a reasonable amount of time in this regard since I enjoy working on electronics (which is what I do for a living) and take satisfaction in accomplishing a repair, particularly one that presents a challenge such as this. Otherwise, I fully agree with you. Thanks for responding.

You may want to contact Dusty Vawter @ Channel Islands Audio/Monolithic. If anyone could provide you with that info, it would be he.
I owned one when it first came out. Was a great design if it worked. Sounded great when it worked. Bought it new and the dealer sent it out numerous times to fix because it would not read certain cd's. AA could not fix it with their life and gave me a new DDS2 which was also a pig.

If you own one, good luck getting it to work. Was a nightmare.