Audio Alchemy DTi Pro 32 - Any Good?

I have a AA DDS pro transport, with EAD 7000III into a CJ CAV50 integrated. I'm thinking of adding a AA DTI Pro 32 between transport and Dac, and maybe even replacing the EAD Dac with the AA vers 3.0 dac.
Does anyone have any experience with the DTI Pro 32?
I've read some really rave reviews about the Pro 32 particularly when used with the I2s cables, but there is no opportunity to demo this equipment, so I would have to take a gamble on buying from ebay or audiogon.

The AA DDS Pro and EAD combo are pretty good - how much better with the Pro 32 and V3 dac?


I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I used to sell this stuff and had remembered a couple of complaints about the reliability of some of the AA stuff (esp. the transports!) so was a little concerned about buying Audio Alchemy gear myself. I can honestly say I have been the owner of several Alchemy products in the last nine years, the original DTI+, DTI-PRO and Pro32, powered digital cables and power supplies (PS2) I have never had a quality issue with any of these units. So maybe I should be playing craps in Vegas but I would bet that you'd be all right buying AA gear.
BTW: I still use the Pro32, cables and power supply in my main system. No probs after all these years.
Has anyone mentioned that Audio Alchemy isn't around anymore? (They are out of business aren't they?) If something goes wrong, is there any support for repairs? As far as technology goes, it's getting "dated" rather quickly, and although it was good for its time, I'm wondering if it can really stand-up to the newer technology as far as D/A conversion goes. You can probably get it cheap, but you'd probably be better-off saving your money and getting something newer if you really want better performance.
Yes, AA is out of business but there is support for AA gear from Dusty Vawter at Channel Island Audio. I think he was one of AA's engineers back when they were still in operation. As far as performance, AA gear is "dated". I can honestly tell you that my DTI-PRO32 and DAC combo are still superior to the 24/192 internal DAC in my Sony ES. I feel it is also superior to most DACs I have heard in the last few years - at comparable price points of course. Newer doesn't always mean better, even with a technology that has developed as rapidly as digital audio. I remember the DTI-PRO32 being in the reference system at Stereophile for several years in a row (approx 1995-1998). It was good enough then and for the $300 you can buy it for today, it is a steal! 1/5 of its original price! Considering its performance and the fact it can be serviced to this day, I would not hesitate purchasing the DTI-PRO32. Now if your budget allows you to drop a few $K on a digital front-end, you will find better but not without confirming the "law of diminishing returns". IMO - Tony