Audio Art spk cable to Signal Cable. Up to down?

Currently use Audio Art SC-5 speaker cable which is good to very good and is their entry level. I want to move up in sound quality across the board, especially musicality and high end smoothness

I was recommended Signal Cable's "Ultra" speaker cable which is also very reasonably priced, and also entry level.

My question..... Is this is just a side ways move and not a major step-up in sound. Signal Cable also offers the more expensive "Resolution" speaker cable. which I have never heard and which there are few testimonials or reviews about it. My speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagios
Why not Acoustic Zen speaker cables? You would have to think it would be a good match. I bet if you called them and asked for a recommendation, they would say the same thing. lol.
To Zd542. I may have kicked off a similar discussion before. I used AZ's Hologram II for about a year and liked them. However, guests, wife, cat were tripping over them because of the cable's fire hose girth. So I sold them. Hologram II's strength is excellent midrange detail, and coherence, but soundstaging did not go much beyond the speaker boundaries.

Nevertheless, I just would like to try something else without dropping $800-1000. The Audio Art Cable I cited is good, thought a bit bright.I never tried the more expensive AA SC-5E

Straightwire's moderately priced Rhapsody II has reviewed good reviews, but the much more expensive Crescendo II and Rhapsody II are supposed to be ST's big sellers and giant killers.

Therefore, I will probably try out the Signal Cable "Ultra" speaker cable which is $219 for a 12 ft pair( not sure if quality banana connectors are additional.) As I mentioned in the text of the thread I DON'T WANT to make a sideways move, that is, buying a (new) entry level cable that is equivalent to the Audio Art SC-5 The Signal Cable's "Resolution" speaker cable is twice the price of the "Ultra", but SC recommended the Ultra over the Resolution ( possibly, its silver wire foundation produces a bright or brighter sound(?)

Note: Why is their so little attention or enthusiasm for brands like Wireworld and Straightwire speaker cable??. Did they previously produce to many "series" that did not sell or just sounded mediocre??? However, Wireworld, it seems, is more visible in the market place. Thanks.
I've had and still have Straight Wire products and they've all been excellent. Admittedly I have more AQ cables in my system but I just upgraded my 5 amp-preamp ICs from the Encore IIs to the Rhapsody ICs and am enjoying a vast improvement in sound, openness, detail, and soundstage. Not sure why they're not in the lime light. I don't believe they advertise much. I had the opportunity to actually tour the factory in Hollywood, FL a few years ago and was very impressed with the hand craftmanship type of operation. They're also real pleasant folks too. Their website was updated not long ago and it is chock full of meaningful technical information.
"Not sure why they're not in the lime light. I don't believe they advertise much."

A while back (early 90's, I think), the founder/designer of Straight Wire left the company and founded Wire World. I know Straight Wire is still in business, but I'm not sure if they have a new designer and have updated their product line since.