Audio Art Statement cables

Any opinion on these cables would be appreciated. I am enjoying a full loom of these cables and they are nice in my opinion. 



This is a bit of a confusing post.  You have the cables, but want someone else to tell you about them?  Is this a case of trusting what you read on the Internet vs. what you experience in your own life?

So if you are enjoying a full loom of the cables why do you care of others’ opinions? I get it if you don’t have the cables, but you do, so just listen to them and you have already mentioned that they are nice anyways

I do own and enjoy the Audio Art Statement cables but I wonder how another cable would compare. I find the power cables glorious and the signal cables are quite nice. It would be nice to try ultra high end cables but they would cost more than the rest of my entire system. At this point my cables are about 25%  value of my entire system. They are nice. 


I had almost a loom of AA cables at one point, except for the power cables. I tried to give them time to break in/settle in but ultimately sold them and went with Harmonic Technology which were much smoother and more to my liking with the equipment I had at the time.If you enjoy what you're hearing now then the AA cables are a good fit for your system.