Audio cables ,and power cords the most forgotton- part of an Audio system.

I have been in Audio for over 35 years and owned and operated a  Audio store as well as buy just from the A list ,which does not guarantee system synergy.
I have tried   inexpensive cables like blue jeans  that is fine for a entry level system. 
If you have electronics $5k and up and 5 figure Loudspeakers then to get ultimate resolution 
You have to spend some money's on last cables 2pr interconnects  and a pr of 6ft Speaker cables 
I had, Silnotes, Analysis plus  even more expensive Synergistic research.  Decent but not the realism I was after.
To get to that last5-  10% + in fine detail and resolution you have to spend. I was stubborn but really 25% for example.Of your total cost is not that much. When you see just how much refinement and fidelity 
You may be missing .My brother brought over his Verastarr power cord over to try on my digital 
Which is most sensitive,  I had a $600 Kimber power cord, his grand illusion cord made the music so much more real,there are other very good cables but these are one of the best I have ever heard without breaking the bank. . Is that worth over $1k ?  I did the same with interconnects and speaker cables 
I spent $6k  and still have s few power cords to go. One thing my system as a whole is a minimum of 10% better. And  a you are there on any decent recording.   Fine tuning with Duelund capacitors
Bypass and coupling caps are next and final step in tweaking the system and a bit over priced. and these may be equal to or better  in added tonal balance and depth. 
This just proves having the best speakers or electronics is only half the battle.
You are only as strong as your weakest link .
LMAO!! How is three feet of cable attached to fifty feet of Romex going to improve the electrical current? It can’t!! It can’t…Interconnects make a difference, but power cords, hahahahaha…Not to mention that power you are getting has traveled  miles to to to your stereo and you think three feet, 5 feet, whatever is going to improve the current? Hahahaha. Guys may want to study basic current physics...
Bac 2 vinyl get with the program.
The electricity coming in is  one thing you have magnetic fields and RF noise.on a 
Untreated wire. If a factory is near house can be picked up.
Dedicated cables work to better the signal, the aftermarket cables for one a 6-9 
Pure Copper cable ,with RF shield is many times a more clean signal  and is in fact the start of your signal path from vomponent to line conditioner .  If you think a stock $10 beldon power cord 
Brings you the same Audible benefits, then every Audiophile in the world 
Is deaf-  what you failed to mention was  what power cord do you use ?
How about interconnects ,Loudspeaker cable . For you to make a blank statement 
Is pure ignorance . I owned a Audio store for over 8 years , and I have proven on Many instances the merit of spending at least 20% of your system on cables.
Currently I have moved up to Verastarr Audio cables .which in fact several 
Reviewers personally own and they were not free of charge. Far from it.
Proper cable design geometry is not black magic ,more Science . 
cables are a real crap shoot.  any cable might work in one system, and be deleterious in another.  You need to experiment to find out which kind work best for you.
If the electrons traveled 2,000 miles the first thing your amp sees is what
comes out of IT'S power cord .
About like saying no sense in using a recipe because the veggies came from California .

Basic physics .