Audio deals you bought that seem impossible for the price?

When I look at the Elac Adante center channel I bought open box (I later added the stand) for $1400 total, a couple of years back, I think how is this even possible at anywhere near the price?  The 65 pound speaker (designed by the amazing Andrew Jones) has an aluminum front baffle with waveguide, custom designed (as opposed to off the shelf) concentric drivers, a very sophisticated internal woofer band pass structure and a trapezoidal cabinet.

What are your audio purchases that seem impossible, or where the manufacturer clearly lost money?

I picked up a pair of speakers and the guy threw in a VMPS center channel. Neo 8, AC tweeter and dual WCF woofers.

He said it worked for about an hour and quit..


I took it home plugged it in within 30 minutes the cable fell out.. LOL That is exactly what happen to him.. 1600.00 speaker. wasn't even broke in.. It had TRT teflon caps and silver wire. 65 -75 lbs.. I still have it.. I never use it.. BUT..

I paid him 5K for 15K speakers and only 9 pair left in existence of the16 pairs that were originally made.. Cash of course....Still have those to.. look just like the day they rolled off the showroom floor.. 375lb each. heavy suckers..

ADS 1230s speakers that listed for $1500 when new back in 1983, I got them for $1125 at a long-gone discount house in Pennsylvania. I still have the speakers and the invoice. 
Linkwitz Labs LXmini with stereo pair of Phoenix (alt) open-baffle subs - all DIY, which makes the experience so much more rewarding for a hands-on guy like me.
The wharfedale diamond 225's still amaze me at $449 a pair....winner of both the absolute sound and stereophile budget component of the year in I believe 2017. The sound, to me, is fantastic with no matter what kind of music you throw at them. Although I have since gone the tannoy legacy route, I will keep these around.