Audio desk pro vs. Clear audio double matrix

Hi all
I'm into upgrading my RCM from the good old okki nokki. My short list is the Audio desk pro and the Clear audio duble matrix. Did anyone compare the two or can comment on any of them ?
Thanks in advance.
Very happy so far with the Audio Desk Pro machine. I got in cheap on a used older machine (otherwise wouldn't have taken the plunge) but the water pump eventually failed. Upgraded to the "Pro" machine and I haven't had any issues. The ease of use with these machines helps them pay for themselves over time. If cleaning an LP isn't easy I will never get around to it.

Btw I don't have any issues with water or "exit marks" on the LP. Trick is to remove the LP after it's clean. Otherwise condensation from the rollers will get onto the record. Secondly, remove the LP as vertically straight as you can. and thirdly, the warmer the room the better the machine seems to operate. Right now, in summer, I routinely pull the records out in sparkling, dry condition. it's a wonder.

According to the distributor, the new Pro machines have solved the reliability problems that plagued the older version by using better parts. sounds plausible...

This thread is BAD. It's a trigger for the "open my wallet syndrome" I REALLY want to finally dump my 10 year old spin clean, but just can't convince myself to part with $3-4K. I shouldn't have such apprehension, considering I've acquired a level of gear to justify such an extravagant expense.

Starting  off  with exceptionally clean used records, my SC surprisingly, does an acceptable job. 

pbnaudio-that budget solution looks like the ticket for a cheapskate like myself.
I'm a little put off by the DIY protocol, but if indeed, it's gets the job done 90% compared to the AD/KL, I might be able to get over the perceived amount of extra steps required. 

My "buy now" finger is twitching.

Tablejockey - sorry for starting this awful wallet openning thread.....
I'm with you. Up until now I used the non expensive okki nokki . My analog buddies told me I don't know what i'm missing here so i'm about to dip my leg in the ultrasonic water and probably invest in the audiodesk machine.


I'm just patiently waiting to pounce on a used V2 AD. After giving the first version a try years ago, I've dreamed of owning one.

I play many treasured Verves and Blue note Jazz mono's, along with the requisite R&R. I do hear the value in one of these expensive machines, I just want one for a "working guy" price.

Good luck to you.

TJ,  you should jump on it you will not be disappointed, Ive steered many a customer in this direction and all have been pleased.  Yes its a little more involved than the AD or the KL with the few extra steps - but at 10 % the cost it's a no brainer.  

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