Audio Desk Record Cleaner-Anyone buy one yet

I may never get to own one of these due to the price, but if I could I would say that it may the best upgrade to any analog system. I had the opportunity recently to have a couple of records cleaned on one. The two Lp's I had cleaned are one of many copies I have purchased thru the years in search of a good clean copy. The title is the 2 disk set "Renaissance Live at Carnegie Hall". I took one of my copies over in hopes that I would get back that sought after clean copy. However I will preface my comments about the Audio Desk with the cold hard fact that once a record reaches a level of surface noise and contamination, nothing can make it new again. However once the Audio Desk completed it's 8 minute process, the improvements were immediately evident. First thing to take notice of, absolutely the cleanest and shiniest black vinyl I think I have ever seen. The LP's looked better than new under light. But the real test is listening. As I have listened to the title many many times from my first copy back in the 70's and never on LP, CD or Imported CD have I heard the detail of the recording. On disk #1 the cleanest of the two the LP was much cleaner than I have been able to obtain on my VPI 16.5 using Walker 4 Step, Mobile Fidelity Enzime, L'Art Du son, and various other solutions. My guess is the Audio Desk cleaned an additional 50-70% of the surface noise from the album. The depth of information in the Annie Haslam's Vocals, the clarity of the Bass that I had written off as muddled recording failure was now revealing the individual notes each taking their own space in the music field. The orchestra was fully present and not crowded together as before. Now on to disk 2, the disappointment of permanantly damaged grooves was inescapable. However the music that came thru had much more information to re-write the recall of this recording burned in my memory from previous listening sessions. On Scherazade with the verbal introduction to the song, I heard instruments and voices in nthe back ground that I had never noticed before. Little plucks of strings and puffs on brass as the orchestra was making sure they were ready to perform. I will say that an additional cleaning of 20-30 percent of this album was still obvious but to my disappointment, the Audio Desk is not a miracle worker, but a pretty damn good magician. I think 3800.00 is a lot of money for just about anything these days, but is it worth the 3800.00? Yes if you value and love your record collection. I have an LP12 with many upgrades and Lyra Kleos Cartridge. This record cleaner is just 800.00 more than the cartridge and when I put the two in perspective they both can bring a much higher level of performance to your turntable. Unfortunatly you need both and I sadley can only afford one. The financial curse of audiophilia continues....
Orthobiz, my only problem with this machine is evaporation of the cleaning fluid. I often go for weeks without cleaning and the fluid does evaporate. Also in the summer, I leave Texas for months. The only real solution is draining the unit into a bottle.

Apart from this this unit is far and away the most convenient and thorough record cleaner I have owned and I have owned even the original Keith Mooks, VPIs including one with a delgrin tube, the Loricraft unit, etc.

In my experience, the recent units are entirely dependable.
As an auto deske owner here's my take. It's a great finish cleaning unit. If your records are old or even new but have mold release gunk, mold or fingerprint oils, the auto deske will not clean them. For best cleaning for the first time, I scrub the records with disk doctor brushes first using my cleaning fluid of choice, then I dry them off with a micro fibre towel and put it in the auto desk for the final rinse/ clean/dry. Once that is done then the auto desk is great to keep them clean ( dust free) and the complete drying w/o static.
I've done several hundred with mine as well. It's been very reliable and almost too convenient. It's hard to keep up with listening to what I've cleaned. I've noticed no drop off in sound quality over my former labor intensive methods. I also have less staic than I ever remember. For me I fear there's just no going back.

My only problem, if you can call it that, is some records make the machine squeak rather loudly during the clean cycle. The distributor informed me that this is not a malfunction and it's caused no problems.
Thanks everyone. Just got mine last week, I'm 20 records into it. Interesting about the first cleaning with brushes idea to get off the mold release stuff. It's so convenient that I'm motivated to use it more, I have kept my Loricraft which I will use first for the dirtiest records. Will probably report back if I have more questions!