Audio Desk Record Cleaner

Does anyone have info or experience with their new Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaning System. I believe it retails for $3500. Don
Supplied fluid, it would be difficult to use something else as the ultrasonic bubbles would likely cause severe foaming in most cases.
I've been using mine with just reagent grade water and no additive at all. I used the supplied additive until it was gone. I find it to work just as well or better without it. I certainly may try the additive again and wouldn't recommend experimenting with other additives. I think I would only use reagent grade water if going with no additive. Because of it's purity it's a very powerful solvent(actually would be dangerous for consumption, not that you would ever drink it). It also leaves no residue behind. Not so sure about residue from the additive. I know both ways work very well. For now I figure simpler(and cheaper) is better.
Before investing tons of money, I would try Spin Clean Record Washer ($80) and wood glue method (Franklin International 5005 Titebond II Premium Wood Glue, $12 for 32oz, good for cleaning 100+ LPs).
For LPs looking clean but generating pops and other noises, I use wood glue.
For LPs looking seriously dirty, I first use Spin Clean and then wood glue.
2/3 of salvaged records (bought bulk from eBay and garage sales) turned out to be very listenable with these two methods. I also use roller cleaner (In the Groove Record Cleaner) each time before playing.