Audio Desk Systeme Record Cleaner

I am an Audio Desk owner. Here is my story:

Issue #1
I purchased the machine from "The Cable Company" about a year ago. My unit was DOA. The red button to activate the cleaning cycle was inoperable. I requested a replacement model to be shipped since they had my credit card info, and I'd send back the defective unit. I was told no replacement could be sent, and that I had to return the unit for service. OK...I sent it back. They replaced the switch.

Issue #2
Every record I cleaned required manual wiping to remove numerous water drops. I tried everything I could think of, I even took the fan covers off to see if that would allow more air volume. No dice. I once again requested a replacement, and again was told that I had to send it back for repair. After a couple of week, they told me that they had fixed it, and it working as like new. When I received it back, they had placed some of those plastic ties, the ones you use to tie off garbage bags, behind the wipers or "lips" to increase contact. I was told that everything was operating as it should. Their remedy had no effect on the drying, I still had to wipe every record.

Issue #3
I once again complained about the non-drying of the unit and once again requested a replacement unit and was told I had to ship it back as they now had a factory authorized remedy. I sent it back and the fix actually seemed to work.

Issue #4
After receiving the unit back from the factory drying fix, I cleaned about 100 LPs, and then the wheels that grip the record and the brush barrels refused to let go at the end of the cycle. Even after numerous attempts to reset the machine, they would not release. I once again requested a replacement. Their response: I could return it again for service or they would "allow" me a trade in value of $2000 for my LEMON unit towards a new "improved" one.

OK...I guess I was desperate because when this thing works it is wonderful, and I was tired of messing with an obviously defective machine. Although I was angry that I couldn't get a replacement under warranty, I ponied up another $2000 for a "new and improved" one. Now I wish I had just sent to old one back for more repair.

The new one worked water spotting and records clean as you can imagine.

Issue #5
After cleaning about 20 LPs, the records wouldn't rotate. I found that the rubber wheel that grips the LP and at the same time drives the cleaning brushes was spinning on its shaft. Now after only two days of use, the new one has to be sent back for repairs.

So now I have $6000 invested in a $4000 machine (I still think the machine should have been replaced under warranty), and it is once again on its way back across the country for more repair.

I contacted Ultrasystem (the US importer) today, and they apologized for my troubles and promised to get this fixed. I'm hoping for the best.
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I have an update on my situation with the Audio Desk Systeme record cleaner.

Thanks to Mr. Robert Stein of Ultrasystem (the US importer of the AD), I received a brand new unit on Thursday. The serial number is in the 1900s (my original machine was around 1000). After cleaning 50-60 LPs this weekend, I am happy to report that this unit is working FLAWLESSLY!

If you've never experienced what this machine can do, you've never seen a properly cleaned LP!
Thanks for laying out your history with the Audio Desk Systeme, especially the follow-up report. Kudos for your patience and persistence. Did you get a new 2 year warranty with the new machine?

Since you have the latest version it will be very helpful if you would report again after you've cleaned a larger number of LPs. TIA
I have a unit with serial # 17xx. Cleans mostly OK. It squeaks a bit and the
unit is not aligned to hold the record 100% straight while rotating. The
record edge hits the machine on one side. The white wipers don't apply
equal pressure on both sides and aren't flat against the LP. Occasionally a
few drops of liquid are left when complete .

I haven't gone after it as I am busy using it and love the lack of effort. My
hannl is definitely a better quality cleaner. They both clean fairly well but the
time savings is huge. Also the lack of static.

I will one day go after the issues.