Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far

For the first time went to Axpona, one heck of a show more audio then we have ever seen, the old New York audio shows were like this.

Anyway walked most of the show and most of the systems heard were just bad, common problems no room tuning, rooms that were too big for the gear or too small.  Even some of the really expensive stuff was dissapointing.

There were a few room that were good.

So far winners for us that were very good not in any particular order:

1: Big Horns from Germany forgot the name really famous one,
2: Muiraudio $15k electrostatic hybrid 
3: Alta Audio cheapie $5k speakers sounded great
4: Vimburg
5: Paradigm Persona 3F

(not a great setup,  but the sound comming out of them for a $10k speaker was very impressive. excellent, midrange soundstage was impressive  image floated nicely, even though the speakers were way too close together and the bass response was excellent.  Would have been way better with a few substitions.

6: T+A $75k floorstanders were impressive for such a small size reference speaker, don't know if they are worth that kind of money, the electrostatic tweeter coupled to a line array with buillt in subs was very musical in a way too small room. Would have liked them to be taller

Decent but not up to the hype the new PS audio speakers bass was very good for a $12-15k set of speakers filled up a big room ugly, and not the ultimate wow that PS was billing them as.

The Scaena line array  when we had them setup in our show and at some of the older New York Audio Shows were mind blowing this setup didn't gel which was sad.

Today to hear the Gryphon room, Golden Ear and a few others.

Scott Markwall gave a great demo of the Furutech NCF products which are really cool.

Innous gave a great demo of the Statement vs the Zenith, and wow what a difference in soundstaging and clarity.  

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Paradigm, T+A, Persona dealers.

We were also underwhelmed by the Vandersteens. Went back twice hoping it was just the track or where we were sitting. 

Last year I believe there was a model 5A with an all Acoustic Research front end that we really enjoyed. This year's room was a let down.
Huge room with speakers very far apart.

Personally not Vandy fans even CT tweeter sounds soft. 

Very few giant rooms have adequate bass. 

Lots of cool things very few amazing rooms especially for the money.

I cant think of a worse place to evaluate the performance of a system than a hotel room at an audio show, except maybe a gymnasium. The point of these shows is to see whats new and talk to the manufacturers and designers. Judging performance.... not so much. 
Overall I would say the sound was much better this year. I think the previous attendants learned their lesson last year and really stepped it up. I loved those big a$$ horns and gave myself a chuckle at the thought of using 5 of them in a surround system. The ps audio speakers need more tweaking imo they were to dark sounding.finally got to hear the kef muon in a large room. The $5k speakers from AQ sounded really good and look more expensive than they are. I can’t remember the salk sounds model but it sounded superb. Excellent show.
Which Alta did you hear?  Was going to go this morning but the 5+ inches of snow kept me home☹️