Audio Doctor-Jersey City, N.J.

I usually do not post online reviews, but am making an exception, since I am very appreciative of the suggestions and guidance that Audio Doctor has offered me over the last year.  What started out as a simple post on the Audiogon Speaker Forum regarding my Paradigm Prestige 95F speakers has evolved into a close business relationship with Dave Lalin, owner of Audio Doctor.

Located in Jersey City, N.J., Audio Doctor has multiple showrooms with about $1 Million in A/V equipment on hand to demo to prospective customers.  Their A/V equipment runs the gamut from entry level to audiophile.  With 30 years of experience within the A/V industry, Dave is very knowledgeable as well as very passionate about helping customers. 

One does not have to live in the Jersey City N.J. area to take advantage of what Audio Doctor has to offer.  I actually live in Cincinnati, Ohio and was contacted by Dave last year in response to a thread I posted on Audiogon requesting some advice for my Paradigm Prestige 95F speakers.  As a starting point, Dave was very instrumental in helping me with improvements to my speaker positioning.  Dave then took a systematic approach in recommending improvements to my cables and interconnects as well as power conditioning for my source components.  We improved the sound coming from these speakers as much as possible.  Still not completely happy, I addressed a change in the speakers themselves and just took delivery of a pair of KEF Reference 5 Foundry Edition speakers.  I am very happy with the improvements that Audio Doctor recommended.

I actually took the opportunity to visit Audio Doctor over the 2017 Christmas holidays and was very impressed with Dave Lalin.  He has a nice personality and exhibits a passion not seen much these days in the A/V industry.  His knowledge is way above what one normally finds in today’s A/V store environment.  I heartily recommend that you give Audio Doctor your serious consideration if you are considering any upgrades to your current 2 channel or A/V system, or are considering a new system.

My current 2 channel system consists of:

  • All Cary Audio high end tube and solid state electronics.

  • All Wireworld cables, interconnects, and power cables

  • Isotek EVO3 Sigmas power conditioner

  • KEF Reference 5 Foundry Edition speakers

  • REL G2 subwoofer

Dear Victor,

It was an absolute pleasure working with you over the last year.

It all begain with getting those Prestige 95 to work well in your room.

Your openess to work improving the system first and maximizing the systems weak points and apprecating how cables and power conditioning, can take a system to the next level validates the way we work to look at a system systematically.

The Kef 5 are extraordinary loudspeakers that capture much of the Blade sound.

I know over time you will see just how realistic the Kef sound is.

Thank you for everything. Your Kind words validate why we post in the first place.

Dave, owner
Audio Doctor NJ