Audio Dropping Out on Rega Apollo and Saturn

I borrowed a Rega Apollo and Saturn for home audition from my local dealer.

On both CD players, I experienced audio drop outs from some of my CDs as they were playing. I noticed that these CDs did have some minor scratches, but nothing major. When I would play these same CDs on my Jolida JD100 CD player, I never experienced these problems.

Are there any Rega Apollo or Saturn owners that have experienced this problem with some of their CDs? It seems like to me that Rega does not have a very good error correction system as the laser scans the CD. So if you do happen to have some CDs with scratches, it could hinder an otherwise pleasant listening experience.

If there is no clear explanation or work-around for this, then I have no choice but to remove these players from my consideration.
Hi, i owned an Apollo, and had the same problem with discs that were not in great shape. But when i put the same discs in my Planet 2000, they played fine. I sold the Apollo and kept the P2000. Not as detailed as the Apollo, but a warmer, more natural/involving, real sounding player.
I also have a Quad CDP-2 and i highly recommend it also. It is very detailed sounding without being to lean.
Just one man's opinion.
Good luck, Alan
No problems here.(Apollo user)
*Do you own those two (2) players at this moment???*

Very strange.
1)Your problem
2)Owning both
3)No system, record, answers, questions.

Sorry, but it smells like a phony, premeditated attempte to discredit these CD players.

However, I am still interested in detailes of your story.
As a dealer I noticed Regas were sensitive to acoustic feedback. In other words a loud peak would make them skip/dropout. Is it doing it at low volume too? If so it's a read issue. If the problem only occurs at high volume, presumably when a bass peak happens try better isolation.