Audio Engine 5, need opinions....

I read the review in Stereophile about the Audioengine 2 speakers and I must say I was intrigued. The 2's are a bit too small for what I'm looking for and I would prefer the 5's for my computer system. I wanted to know if anyone had heard either of these speakers and could comment on how true the review was in Stereophile.

My current setup includes a 6 year Klipsch Quartet system that I only use two of the speakers for stereo. I'm having problem with the volume control causing balance issues between the speakers. The volume will be out in the left or the right and I'll have to mess with the volume for about five minutes before the balance is normal. The sound from the Klipsch's has always impressed me and the integration of the subwoofer is impressive as well.

Will the audioengine 5 or 2 be too bass shy for me since I've been used to the klipsh speakers? Any info will be appreciated and thanks in advance.
I can't answer your question,but thought I might comment.I also was considering the various Audioengine products,but found a set of KRK5 powered monitors on the Dallas Craiglist for $165.I have owned them for a year,and couldn't be happier.
I have owned Audioengines for a year. You get 45 watts per speaker with the Audioengines 5. It is a nice balanced soundstage with nice mids. Works well with Apple products like the iPod or Airport Express.

Alternatively, you should check out Blue Sky Audio's EXO or Pro Media station. You get 35 watts x two speakers plus a 90 watt subwoofer. Available through Guitar Center. This has greater deep bass and more dynamic sound.

Both are the same price, about $300. I listen to the EXO more.

If you want pro level gear, check out the new ATC 16A active speakers. These were just released this month here in the US and are a pro standard for recording and soundtrack work. They cost $3,600 and run circles over most speakers.