Audio envy - dang!

I usually post on AG when I have an issue or concern, so I’m happy for once it’s to praise a new product, in this case Audio Envy’s IC. 

I use an ARC Classic 60 amp with a Herron 1A preamp. The AE cable went between these two.

I run an ARC Phono pre PH3se from my VPI prime as source.
My speakers are Thiel CS2.4’s

Out of the box a bit bright, But after a few hours that just went to strait up transparent - I mean freaking crystal clear. No tonal aberrations. Smooth, with no etched highs. Voices sound right, Natural. Soundstage opened up, as you might expect when things get clearer.

The best part was how inexpensive they were. They made my Cardas Clear Light interconnects I was using sound clouded by contrast. The Cardas was about x3 the cost of the AE’s.
BTW, this wasn’t “I think I hear differences”, this was “I’ll never use those Cardas in this system again, and where is my IPad, I need to order my next set!”

And that’s just what I did.
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I didn't think that Iconoclast made a phono cable. I had contacted them about it a few months ago and at that time, they didn't have one and told me that they were not making one.

I contacted Captain to ask about an XLR to RCA cable to go out from my new API equalizer to my preamp.He said he could make one to my specifications when I was ready. After some experiments with adapters and cables with different wiring configurations the one ordered from BlueJean Audio (Belden wire) worked perfectly but had a slightly grainy texture which actually complemented certain instruments. Vocals not so much though.So I ordered the cable from AE and hoped for the best.

Just received it today and it exceeded my expectations which was simply no more grain.Right out of box it's silky smooth,grainless,and a perfect fit in my system. There is nothing to criticize.I played the same CD that I was just listening to without adjusting the volume or the equalizer.Then chose a few more to try finding something unacceptable.Nope.It's staying.