Audio Grade Fuse, Anyone?

With all the money that most of us spend on upgrading power cords, is there any left for the fuse that is omnipresent in all the components, that little piece of necessary evil that all current flows through? Is it worth researching into? Care to share your experience?
There was a thread on this a few years ago, you might want to check the archives, it was pretty interesting. If you really want to go nuts, Lloyd Walker insists (and puts it in the instructions for his motor drive, so I'd imagine it's in the instructions for other electrical equipment he sells) that changing the direction of the fuse in the fuse holder changes the sound, and that it will sound better one way over the other. I myself heard no difference, probably because my wife's laughter over what I was doing drowned out the music.
Perhaps applying Silclear or Walker SST to the contacts of the fuse may generate similar results. The theory here as I understand is to enhance current flow of the fuse. Have anyone tried this?
Srajan at 6 Moons showed a photo and talked about some new gold audio fuses from "Isoclean Power" in his CES report, pages 6-8: