Audio Grade Fuse, Anyone?

With all the money that most of us spend on upgrading power cords, is there any left for the fuse that is omnipresent in all the components, that little piece of necessary evil that all current flows through? Is it worth researching into? Care to share your experience?
Perhaps applying Silclear or Walker SST to the contacts of the fuse may generate similar results. The theory here as I understand is to enhance current flow of the fuse. Have anyone tried this?
Srajan at 6 Moons showed a photo and talked about some new gold audio fuses from "Isoclean Power" in his CES report, pages 6-8:
Having been influenced a long time ago by Lloyd Walker to try checking which direction of the fuse sounds better, as well as to try SST on the fuse, I firmly believe in both tweaks.

After look for silver fuses, I did learn of the gold IsoClean fuses at CES. I ordered what I need, but there was so much demand on these that I was only able to get one fuse. It should be here this week. After treating it with AudioTop, I will replace the existing fuse in my Exemplar 3910. I do expect a substantial improvement, but time will tell.
I got one IsoClean gold 1 amp 20mm fuse today. It fits my Exemplar 3910 universal player. It has a directional arrow on it and the instructions warn you to align it properly. I don't know which direction the arrow is supposed to go so I assume it was from the wall to the board being fed by the ac.

It does not take any time to hear the difference over ordinary fuses. Noise is lower and there is extension in both the bass and top end. What is most striking is the sense that you are at the recording even. This has got to be the best $25 tweak I have found.