Audio Gremlins and Musical Instruments

Many years ago, the fascinating Enid Lumley of the Absolute Sound and members of the Linn cult used to insist, amoung other things, that telephones be removed from the listening room to prevent their tiny speakers from polluting the sonic atmosphere. I am starting to design my next listening room and I would love to put a 6'3" piano in the room, behind my principal listening chair, not only for aesthetic reasons but too play along when I am in the mood. Could this be a major mistake? Does anyone have any experience with a piano or other instruments? I suppose a snare drum in front of a subwoofer might not be the best idea, but I have never seen musicians frantically covering the Bosendorfer with Shun Mook blankets because the program is switching to strings. Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.
If the piano is behind you, probably not too bad. Any room furnishings even curtains & carpet affect the sound. Get a copy of Robert Harley's book, The Complete Guide to High End Audio (2nd edition) to help with you system and media room. The piano cabinet definitely resonates, which is why a concert grand sounds fuller than the small upright piano in the parlor. So covering ir when not in use would help "remove" it from the room even though it is physically there. Temperature changes also have a big affect on string instruments tuning including the piano's strings.
The piano will probably contribute some low level coloration to your system as the string and/or soundboard sympathetically vibrate. Since the piano is a tuned instrument with a broad frequency range, it also possible that the piano "singing along" could actually be quite pleasant, not accurate, but a benign enhancement. Actually, I have heard of this technique being used in recording studios to fatten up and add texture to the sound of synthesizers. It sounds like you really love music, so don't let the minor stuff deter you, go for it.
I am also a musician with my listening room is also a practice room. In it we have a piano(off to the side) saxophones two acoustic guitars. Everynow and then I think it all probably affects the sound, but there is nothing like playing along with the greats, transcribing solos. I also teach in this room and one of my students said " this room makes me want to play music". I'm all for getting as much out of my system as I can but if I had to choose between the hifi and the piano, the hifi would go everytime. If your luck enough to own a beautiful instrument then enjoy it as much as you can.