Audio Horizons speaker cables....

I`ve seen a few good reports on their pc`s and int`s but so far, nothing about their sp. cables. Anybody try them? Opinions?

Yes, I do use the Audio Horizons interconnects, power cords, and speaker cable. Joseph Chow, the Audio Horizons owner/designer, makes excellent cabling. You can learn that directly if you take advantage of his free trial program. I found that the Audio Horizons cabling performed better than some very expensive wire I used formerly. If you search Audiogon discussion forums for "audio horizons" you will find comments from other very happy users.
Thanks for the response Cedar. I did a quick search a week ago specifically for some input on his sp. cables, but as I recall, found nothing. Maybe I overlooked something.

If you don`t mind, what does your system consist of?
Here are the components of my system:

VPI Aries II w/ JWM 10 arm, Dynavector Karat 17D2 MkII
K&K Audio phono preamp
Levinson 37 transport (upgraded by Joseph Chow)
Audio Horizons TD 3.0 DAC
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 preamp
VTL Signature MB185 monoblocks
Audio Horizons interconnects, power cord and speaker cable

In my previous suggestion about a search, I failed to consider that you asked about speaker cables particularly. The speaker cables are particularly well insulated and damped in a way that prevents the noise from mechanical vibration that masks low level detail. Before using them, I was unaware of the effect of mechanical wire vibration due to the electrical signal that was being transmitted over the wire. These speaker wires deliver music that is tonally balanced and filled with low level detail.