Audio Horizons TD 3.1 svt

Recently upgraded my TD 3.0 and I have to tell you the manufacturer’s claims in their ads are right on the money. This dac is outstanding. So smooth and musical! Detail and sound stage are just off the charts. Bass is tight and more detailed – particularly in the mid-bass frequencies. Gotta love the value proposition AH offers with these upgrades!

How much of the improvements do think are attributable to the new 32/192 chip and power supply verses the new silver wire harness and coils?
Great to hear you are loving the unit. I am looking for a DAC to use as part of a computer based system. Are you using this DAC with a computer or a transport? I may need to purchase a separate USB converter?

Owned the original model of this DAC, as you know, and really liked it. I found it to be very musical. Now reading about all the improvements has me most interested.
Using it with a Bel Canto CD-2 as a transport. I believe Joseph can install a very high quality USB interface but you would need to give up one of your inputs. I was giving Victor a hard time about making comments like "the TD 3.0 can't hold a candle to the TD 3.1". I mean come on! But I have to say he was right.

I already had the Clarity MR and Vishay resistor upgrade and still found the 3.1 upgrade dramatic. There is a chassis and vibration damping upgrade available that would get me to top-of-line. I do not feel the need to go there at this time.
I feel, that if Joseph built it and approved it, its got to be terrific - congratulations. AH has a tremendous commitment to excellent sound with the expertise and experience to back it up.
I will look into the USB option as that is how I would use it mostly. Thanks!
Speaking of computer audio, i'm using the new Stello U3 with this DAC with outstanding results.
Apparently this company sells mostly to Canadians and Asia I mean. They are based in the Sacramento area but sell very little in the states. I tend to make purchases from high flying companies that are a bit under the radar. Can any 3.1 owners chime in on your experience?