Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier

Anyone famaliar with the manufacturer,and in particular
this pre amp.The credentials and testimonials seem
impressive.The advertised 10 day audition is appealing.
I have read that the Counterpoint SA-5000A was considered one of the best when introduced, Very expensive as well. Peter Moncrieff of IAR praised it very highly. The TP-2.0 must be pretty special. I can't wait to get mine. I've already ordered some NOS Siemens E188CC tubes to pop in it for even better sonics. Happy Listening. By the way, have you tried any of Joseph's cables? I just got in a few days ago his Premium power cord and I have to be honest, it's pretty amazing.
The TP 2.0 is destined to become a classic preamp.
I never in my life thought it could sound this amazing.
As far as cabling goes, well, I'm pretty cabled up for now with Shunyata power and Cardas cables.
I'm very content with the provided Siemens that came with my unit.
For my system, they strike the perfect balance between detail and warmth.
You're gonna love this preamp.
Your comments about the Audio Horizons TP 2.0 certainly correspond to my experience of it. Joseph Chow does so many things so well that I am a little reluctant to say so. Audiogoners may think I am exaggerating or profiting from my remarks, neither of which is true. But I cannot resist inviting audiophiles to find out for themselves by using the trial program. I think those who try the preamp, the tube DAC, and the cables made by Audio Horizons will very much want to keep them. I did.
Cedar & Gamecock,
What other preamps have you compared it to?

Cedar, what else is in your system? Thx,