Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier

Anyone famaliar with the manufacturer,and in particular
this pre amp.The credentials and testimonials seem
impressive.The advertised 10 day audition is appealing.
Thanks for the imfo Victor.

Count me in for an upgrade, even though it sounds great in original form.

I'm sure the other "members of the family" will be interested as well.
Thanks, Victor...

It sounds like an attractive upgrade path. I had been considering sending my TP 2.0n in soon for an upgrade while on vacation.

I, for one, appreciate the goals that you have laid out, and it represents just one more reason why I love this preamp.

Yes, Joseph changed my preamp.

I was surprised at the improvement - I didn't think the preamp could be improved quite so easily. What I have heard so far are more relaxed and natural high frequencies, and a midbass (~80-200 hz) improvement. Also, it seems to me that various instruments and voices are articulated and positioned more clearly. I perceive the improvements as a more realistic presentation of the musical performance rather than as, say, a lower noise floor that reveals more detail.

Joseph did shield the new output caps, while changing some wires, adding a couple of other caps, and removing the line filter.

I'm glad that Joseph made the change. I have been a beta tester for the Audio Horizons solid state DAC, the tube DAC, and for the TP 2.0 (but not for TP 2.1 or the phono preamp). So, I have had the advantage of seeing Audio Horizons products evolve through the interaction of listening tests and circuit refinements. This upgrade (it is an improvement) shows the value of Joseph's design approach (described on the Audio Horizons website) very well.
I see, at long last, that an audio product reviewer has caught sight of an Audio Horizons product - the TD 3.0 tube DAC. A review can be read here:

The reviewer concludes that the TD 3.0 is a great bargain, without equal in its price range, and for which no apologies are needed even when compared to DACs costing tens of thousands of $.

I've enjoyed my TD 3.0 since it was introduced. Recently, Joseph installed the new capacitors (mentioned in the review and now used in the preamp) into my tube DAC.

I hope others find reason to try the TD 3.0 which, in its own way, is as good as the TP 2.0.
I would be interested in hearing someone else's impressions of their upgrade from 2.0n to 2.1n.