Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier

Anyone famaliar with the manufacturer,and in particular
this pre amp.The credentials and testimonials seem
impressive.The advertised 10 day audition is appealing.
Thanks Sherod. I have emailed Joseph and will upgrade my dac or pre. Not sure which would have the most impact and am getting his opinion on which to start with.

I really like the USA Amperex 7308 PQ tubes, has anyone tried these in the TP 2.0?
My 2.0nB was modified to reflect the 2.1 changes. I perceive the result as improving the articulateness of the soundstage.
In my system, the soundstage became deeper and the instrument positions more precise. Voices became more relaxed, natural.
I associate these improvements with the positive characteristics of tube signal handling. Other (negative) characteristics associated with tubes - loss of bass control, noisier signal - did not appear with the modification.
Both my preamp and my tube DAC received the new capacitors. I think the more significant improvement came to the pre-amp
Rja While I ultimately went with cca's in the great tube shootout with the 2.0, I liked the PQ's alot and actually kept a quad of PQ's to change out for variety within my unit. They had a very dynamic, lively and splashy sound with my equipment with no harshness.
I'm wondering what the Amperex PQ's in location 2 and 4 with the Siemens CCa in the more critical 1 and 3 locations would do for the sound.