Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier

Anyone famaliar with the manufacturer,and in particular
this pre amp.The credentials and testimonials seem
impressive.The advertised 10 day audition is appealing.
Nice post on the amp. Well written and really paints a vivid picture of what you are experiencing with this amp.
Cedar - thanks for the preview on the Set amp. Would you post whether you used an LP or digital source, efficiency of your speakers and size of your room, so that I can get an idea if the Set is something that may be in my future?
My room is 20' x 20' x 9'. Two adjacent walls have large openings, so the effective volume is larger than the measurements indicate.
I use a digital source.
The loudspeakers are specified at 92 dB with a minimum impedance of 10 ohms.
I listen to music at a volume that doesn't exceed 85dB, which is typical of what I hear when I attend the opera, seated within 15 rows of the orchestra pit.
Did you ever talk with Joseph or Victor about lowering the gain on the preamp? I noticed that on their web site specs, the 2.1 comes standard with 20db gain, but 10db gain with "B" upgrade.