Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier

Anyone famaliar with the manufacturer,and in particular
this pre amp.The credentials and testimonials seem
impressive.The advertised 10 day audition is appealing.
Did you ever talk with Joseph or Victor about lowering the gain on the preamp? I noticed that on their web site specs, the 2.1 comes standard with 20db gain, but 10db gain with "B" upgrade.
No I didn't,I will be raising that issue with Joseph when I send the unit to AH for a full upgrade,Clarity caps,power supply,Vishay resistors,transformers,etc.Talk soon.
I look forward to hearing your impressions after the upgrade. I am particularly interested at this time in the Vishay resistors. How many, what locations, and cost. I wish Joseph would upgrade his web site for current upgrades.
Joseph brought a TP2.1 with Clarity capacitors and a feature he called harmonic alignment to test in my system yesterday. Sherod and others have noted the musical transparency of the Clarity capacitor. I agree with their assessment but will not repeat it here.

Without comment from Joseph, we listened to the preamp. What I heard that was new to my ears was an increased focus and dynamism to the individual voices and instruments within an ensemble. Voices and instruments seemed to me to vary more independently of one another.
I reported what I had heard and asked about "harmonic alignment." What is it?

It is a method to reduce distortion from signals greater than 60 kHz. Even though signals at such high frequencies are far above the hearing threshold of humans, these signals do cause harmonic distortions in frequencies that are within our hearing range.

At least, that is what I can repeat using my layman terms and understanding. I asked if there was attenuation of audible frequencies when the 60+ kHz frequencies are reduced. "No," for some reason related to impedance. Joseph has always been keen about impedance but he loses me quickly in that area.

Based on a single session of about 1 hour, I would say this feature reduces a distortion that masks the dynamics of individual instruments and voices. Of course, the voices continue to sing in tune together, but they do so in a more lively, independent, and natural manner. I guess you could call that singing with greater harmonic alignment.
Cider many thanks for the info. Joseph is really going all out
With improving an already fine preamp. I'm hopping he has it all
Together by next month as I will be ready for rolling the dice
With shipping my 2,1 in for a upgrade. I've been lucky so far using
The usps you never no when your luck will run out though.