Audio Horizons TP 2.3

Please offer your feedback on these linestages. I am in need of two pairs of balanced outs and remote.

Amps are 100K input impedance

I own this preamp and have two balanced outputs installed for my system's requirements. The option of the remote is nice for when the phone rings. I have owned and auditioned many preamps and have never regretted my choice. Hope this helps. Steve
Well I auditioned the 2.1. It was a nice sounding Preamp but kind of dark sounding for my taste.
Perhaps the 2.3 is more livelier.
Latest review of the Audio Horizons TP 2.3 can be found at 10 Audio.
I use this preamplifier in my system. Like Salevick, I have never regretted my choice. Ozzy's experience is quite different from mine.

The good news is that I think Joseph may still have an audition program. Perhaps yo can try the preamp and make your own judgement.