Audio Hungaray Qualiton A50i vs LTA Z40+ Integrated

I need help deciding between the Audio Hungaray Qualiton A50i and the LTA Z40+ Integrated Amp. Both seem to be great but I can get the Hungarian for 1k cheaper. I will be using them strictly for music. I plan on powering a pair of Focal Aria 936 K2's and a sealed sub, maybe two. Like everyone else here, I am looking for the best sound quality possible. Thanks


@edwinf - I’m currently traveling back to the usa from Europe. Can’t seem to find how to send a private message on my minke phone. I arrive back home Monday night. Will send you that promised message Tuesday morning! 

If you care about the cost, Willsenton R800i could be better choice.


There is a detailed thread about tube rolling of it.

if Focal sounds bright, you can tune the sound through tube rolling.


I use Amazon Music HD and Tidal. Can you recommend a good afordable under 1k replacement for the Ifi Zen Adapter?

Yeah, do a trial of a Qobuz account that most people, including me, prefer over other options and offers lots of hi-res content as well. Buy a decent streamer (iFi Zen Stream would be a good choice although you’ll need to spend $6 on the best mConnect app to work with Qobuz) and get a decent Wi-Fi extender like this or Mesh system and go hardwired to your streamer with a CAT7 or good Ethernet cable. Bluetooth is garbage at your level and an insult to the amps you’re considering. Full stop.  I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be,uh, mean here but Bluetooth is just a nonstarter at this level.  Man up!!!

I’m one of those who’d argue that weak links in the audio chain will drag down the overall performance of the system. Bluetooth is (I think we can all agree) the worst-sounding streaming option. I’d definitely look into a dedicated streamer. Among the more affordable, positively reviewed options are the Ifi Zen Stream ($399, liked by most for sound quality but has unreliable wifi, if you can’t use ethernet); of course the Bluesound Node ($599, very popular with a nice app); and the recently released Eversolo DMP-A6 ($899, haven’t heard it but it’s been getting strong reviews).

I should add that the Ifi streamer is a transport only -- it doesn't have an internal dac. If you choose that one, you'll either need to buy an external dac (usually the better option) or get an integrated amp with a dac built in. Of course, the cost of an external dac changes the price calculation. If you have the cash, I'd recommend the Denefrips Ares II Enyo for $850. Their dacs to me sound more natural and "undigital" than similarly priced chip dacs. (Switching to Qobuz should also help in that area. I think it sounds more natural/less digital than Tidal.)