Audio Kharma website

Do people take this website serious. They have a thread about bacon that has over 1000 posts. One guy was complaining that audio was an expensive hobby but only had 300.00 tied up in his system. They think that audio made during the 70's blows away gear made in 2013. I can't figure out if these people took to much acid back in the day or are people really that stupid.
04-17-13: Taters

I hope you are just kidding!

Taters, read some of his threads....he's not kidding.
Its not a crime to like old gear or even champion cheaper gear as everyone comes at things differently. The problem is while everyone comes at this hobby differently most on AK lost the fact we are all supposed to come together over loving the music played on whatever system or price. Again some here lost that ideal aswell equating money spent to actual love of music, shame on both right?
Whats worse the dumpster diver or the guy with $50k in gear and 75 "audiophile" albums as his only listening pleasure? It does happen.
Cheap, old, new, expensive, the tent should fit everyone because afterall the hobby as a whole remains on life support.

I'll take the guy with the 50k in gear and 75 audiophile records over the dumpster diver any day of the week.

I do agree that this hobby is on life support.